Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Foundation Pages

To try and keep on track this year for JYC /  December Daily, I decided to do some pre-prep work. I was planning to make the pages ready to just add photos and journalling, however I have real trouble committing without the photos to work with. So I have just decided to cut down all of my papers and slip them in the page protectors so they are ready to work on daily. I have also cut and added in some journalling cards in to the divided page protectors which are going between each layout.

I am all ready to go (I think) just waiting for December 1st to roll around!!


  1. Love what you've done so far....I've done some preparation as well....I enjoy doing it far more in December when all my backgrounds are ready.

  2. Thank you! Anything that can cut out some of the time I spend agonising over paper choices is a good thing in my book! Good luck with your album.

  3. I love your foundation pages! I'll be stopping back to see how it comes together! Happy December.