Saturday, December 6, 2014

December Daily - Days 4 - 6

I am managing to keep up to date so far, which surprises me since I am so busy at work! I am really enjoying the process so far and although it took me a few days to get in to the swing and feel of my album, I am now beginning to really like how it is coming together.

Day 4 focussed on everything I have got going on at work. I took a photo of all of the children's Christmas gifts lined up ready to be wrapped and packaged in to bags. I also took a photo of some of the work I have been proof reading and printing. I used the gold number 4 from the kit and did a small amount of embellishment on the corner of the large photo.

Day 5 was all about making Christmas biscuits, which is a big deal for me since I hardly bake. I have left the back of the number 4 showing through. Not sure if I will leave it like that or not. I added in a small pocket which holds a print out of the recipe I used. Then I just had photos with small embellishments from the Ali Edwards kit. 

Day 6 was a busy one, so there were lots of photos. I decided to print straight on to the photos about my morning activities and then I included smaller photos from my work Christmas party. I placed the silver Christmas cheer tag right on top of the page protector. 

Hope you have all enjoyed your first December weekend!


  1. These pages look great. The baking photos look so good, I will have to get some this week.

  2. How great do your biscuits look? And I love the photo of the rolling pin in action. :)