Thursday, April 21, 2011

The 30 List

This year (actually in a few short months), I turn the big 3-0. I came across the idea from other blogs of creating a list of activities and events I wanted to achieve and participate in before my birthday. Since completing this list I have realised that maybe I was a bit ambitious, as I haven't achieved as many of them as I wanted, although I do still have a few months left. I have a very busy life as a Kindergarten Teacher, and the hectic days and out of hours work take their toll on getting this type of thing done, but then who doesn't have a million things going on in their everyday life!! And isn't it good to be ambitious and strive for the best!! I have decided that this will now be a working list, that I will continue to add to over the next year or so, and will continue to slowly mark of the events and achievements. 

Below is the list and what I have completed so far. 

1. Go back to Bootcamp (did this and added Personal Training as well)
2. Take a photography class (took an online class with Maggie Holmes)
3. Submit a page to a scrapbooking magazine
4. Begin a blog
5. Attend the Bright autumn festival
6. Create and sell framed scrapbook pages
7. Go to the Geelong Adventure Park with my mates
8. Run 5km's without stopping
9. Take a scrapbook class (online with Elizabeth Kartchner)
10. Plan my ultimate adventure trip through the USA (an ongoing process as I research new places to visit)
11. Host a cupcake tasting party
12. Participate in a fun run
13. Purchase a beautiful summer dress (actually bought a few of these this Summer)
14. Try stand up paddle boarding
15. Go to the top of the Rialto
16. Create a life soundtrack
17. Attend a country horse race event
18. Learn the guitar
19. Go to the snow
20. Attend at least one musical if not more (mary Poppins and Hairspray)
21. Take a random trip through the country towns of Victoria, pulling of the highway when I feel like it
22. Take a dance class
23. Send flowers to someone for no apparent reason (send flowers to BF Alana)
24. Completely update my ipod (updated, then Itunes decided to delete all of my music :(
25. Go hiking at Wilson's Prom (loved this!! So glad this one is marked off)
26. Reach Goal Weight 1
27. Reach Goal Weight 2
28. Visit my cousins in Sydney and Canberra
29. Learn spanish 
30. Go on a Ghost Tour

When I look back at list I am dissapointed, I definately could have achieved more. Well, no dwelling! I am going to put this list on display in my room, so I can see it every day, and will continue to mark activities off!!

# 25. Hiking at Wilson's Prom with best mate Alana

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